When Curiosity Doesn't Kill You……YOU LEARN. More Than Just a Breathe of Fresh Air


I’ve convinced myself

You loved me 

That you meant 

What you said

I’ve convinced myself

You don’t care

Not enough to be here

Not anymore

I’ve convinced myself

You were real

I’ve convinced myself

You are imaginary 

You’d have to be

I’ve convinced myself

It’s the same cycle

At our closest 

Being torn apart

Are you alive? 

Are you okay? 

I stood up at the 

Gate of love 

For you

Would you

Do it too? 

What do I have to do

To hear your voice again

For you to make me laugh 

To see things my way

Where are you? 

Why I am left with them

And the ghost of you? 

You’re everything

I hate losing 

And I’ve lost 

An invisible friend

Why drag me in

To not finish

The job

Why make me feel and care

Why open my heart 

Why have recognition 

Why send me the message

To just disappear 

Did you listen?

Did you care?

I believed you did.

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