When Curiosity Doesn't Kill You……YOU LEARN. More Than Just a Breathe of Fresh Air

I’ve learned; 17 again 

Now that the shaking ceased

Now that the anxiety quelled 

Now that I stand tall

Once again

Now that I am who I am 

Before the mistakes 

Before the terrible news 

Before the backwards 

And upside down 

Will my mind spread 

Like the cure 

Will my words 

Makes others feel 

Make them move 

To discover more? 

Now that I feel 17 again 

The way I would carry myself 

To higher ground 

To see below me 

All that I do not like 

Was what I was becoming

But I turned around 

Back to where I started

Where I came from 

Where I learned 

My happiness prevails 

Where I learned 

To excel 

To be the bigger person 

To make my mark 

Now that I’m back 

Will I remember? 

Will I stand tall 

Once again 

Just like my childhood 

That made me 


That made me rise above 

And learned to follow my intuition 

Will I become even better 

Now that I’m that person again? 

Free to choose 

Never lose

Will I remain intact 

For the rest of my days 

Now I can’t be swayed 

Or led down a road 

That hurts me 

Now that I’m 17 again

I turned back time 

Time traveled again 

To find myself 

Happiness isn’t something you have to find 

It’s something you have to remember 

As I was born happy

But conditioned to not know 

It was all just a show

I’ve reached my destination 

In this time traveling 

Period of mine 

I went to the depths 

To remember 

Who I am. 

I’m that 17 year old girl

Who makes the right decisions

I’m that lady that doesn’t kiss

On the first date

I’m that woman 

Willing to wait

Wait it all out 

To see

What I’ve been hiding from me.

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