When Curiosity Doesn't Kill You……YOU LEARN. More Than Just a Breathe of Fresh Air

It’s not over 

These days 

I jump in urgency 

Like there’s something 

I must do

Something I’m forgetting 

Something I must fight for 

Something I have to do 

To make it stop

To make them stop

Prying on me 

Like peter you’ve denied me

Although you follow me 

Like a child 

Under bad influence 

The terrible twos 

Two boys who won’t let go

Of me 

Always high five-ing 

Always conniving 

As if you have some end goal

Except you forgot

Got farther away

To only come back

With the same plays

And I wonder

Why haven’t they learned by now? 

Why come around

You’ll end up in the ground 


With regrets 

On your death bed

For wasting your time

Hurting others 

Especially me

I’m embarrassed for them

I want them to stop

So I jump up 

Thinking I can make them go 

It’s what’s best for them

But still

You’d think they’d learn by now

It’s nice to fill the air

It’s nice to know they’re there

Because it reminds me 

It’s not over.

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