When Curiosity Doesn't Kill You……YOU LEARN. More Than Just a Breathe of Fresh Air

Can’t mix the two

It can make you

See the past worse

Than it was

It can make you see 

The past better 

Than it was

The present too

But when I see 

The future

It doesn’t include

Any of it

Good or bad 

Whatever I saw

I see clearer now 

How it really was 

And my future is decided 

To always be vigilant 

And sober 

I want to see what’s real 

Past present and future too 

I want to be real 

I want to feel real

I want to see new

I want to feel new 

Without you

Without drunken phone calls 

Which was when 

I saw the past as better than it was

And worse than it was 

Truth is it was bad

And good 

I just can’t mix the two

I can’t make

Those phone calls

That say I’m stuck in the past 

As I healed fast 

I don’t want to sabotage that 


I want to walk in my light 

Forever and always 

That means seeing things

For how they are 

Seeing you for how you are

And me for how I am

And you can’t 

Mix the two.

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