When Curiosity Doesn't Kill You……YOU LEARN. More Than Just a Breathe of Fresh Air

I’ve learned; goodbye

I can’t help but think 

I’ve made it this far 

You came and went

And eventually 

Fizzled out

I never want to see you

Smell you 

Or swallow you again

I’ve had enough 

And it’s time to say goodbye 

Why I started 

I’ll never know

Only to show 

And experiment

In my family’s behalf 

How I loved them so much

I tried it myself

I never want to think about you 

I never want to purchase you

I want to leave you

By yourself

Like you left me

So goodbye alcohol 

Goodbye to our lonely nights 

Our busting of boundaries

My sense of adventure

Led me to anxiety instead 

How I watched others 

Devour you 

While they lost everything

Including their minds

How I don’t want to be like that 

Oh how I want to break the cycle

And oh how I will

Now is the time

To never think twice

No means no

And I’m through with you

And all you put me through 

Goodbye to the escapes

Goodbye to the pain

How I despised you 

Growing up 

How I poured it down the sink

To save others

Now it’s time to save myself

From destruction

For I am a creator 

Riding myself of all destruction 

To myself and others 

It was never under control 

Only less real 

Reality is I can’t drink

Reality is I hate alcohol 

So I’m staying true to myself

And saying goodbye forever

You may have taken my dad 

But you won’t take me

I am too valuable 

And have my life ahead of me

Much too good of a person

To sell out to you! 

Good riddance 

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