When Curiosity Doesn't Kill You……YOU LEARN. More Than Just a Breathe of Fresh Air

I’ve been a shaman, mystic, alchemist, prophet, space cadet, civil war soldier, warrior, guide, a true artist, writer of God’s art, and caretaker of earth and mastered unconditional love. to find my dormant dark angel that I am today. fighting through the lies, deceit, and manipulation. And published a book and made a dark spooky EP with five songs. No medals or plaques but it’s been done. ✌️good couple of years despite the bad. Mastered many things along the way such as meditation and yoga and dance and silent prayer. Founded by God and Jesus Christ is in my heart. became equals. I have lived through the trauma of Jesus crucified. Raptured and lived through revelations. Gods living will. I have been one with the universe and traveled long and hard to the depths of the abyss. lived and fought through hell. stood up to the gates of love. wrote ancient text. wrote a new commandment “thou shall not torture”. I have traveled space and time. I have fought in holy wars. I have met face to face with death numerous times if not almost completely to only come back. I Talk to the stars where I have made contact. Became friends with many beings. walked many parallel lines with them. Can’t wait for my future to unfold. my DNA ignited to let me know I come from a heritage of victorious people. despite the fact a lot of people were trying to drag me down I was still doing my thing. I made friends with mosters beside my bed and united so many. shed bad blood. made room for the new. paved a path like a trailblazer. and the air waves were cleaned with my broom. God is my father and Mother Earth is my mother. Saint Tim is my dad and Saint Bev is my mom. I love all my family to infinity and beyond. sometimes it only takes one. i am one with the holy spirit and yes evil did try to steal it. but i and we prevailed.

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