When Curiosity Doesn't Kill You……YOU LEARN. More Than Just a Breathe of Fresh Air

I am 70 percent water

which resembles the sea

20 percent blood

which signifies our land

we fought with sweat and tears

many bloodshed

10 percent plasma

which gives us warmth

like the sun or volcanos

100 percent human

100 percent Earth

and we warm the waters

of our spirits

all hand in hand

with mother nature

all the while

the sun warming our outsides

while blood warms our insides

like comfort and joy

we are all hand in hand

Self sufficient

self cleansing

self controlled

we no longer have authority issues

once self controlled

isn’t that the best evidence

of God?

a perfect creator

inside and out.

Home sweet home

and like trees

we may die a little

from the changes of seasons

of our hearts

but we always bloom again

and go on and on and on

counting circles

until infinity

and more.

I’d rather keep my memory

and see things for how they are

instead of forget.

Who would want to forget the beauty?

heart breakingly beautiful

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