When Curiosity Doesn't Kill You……YOU LEARN. More Than Just a Breathe of Fresh Air

my heart is broken

have I ever had one before?

probably not

if this is what it feels like

to have all your work wasted

to go unnoticed

through all the unselfish deeds

to only see through their eyes

or walk in their shoes

instead of the victims

of broken hearts

the heart breaker is glorified

while the other is labeled psycho

but on the bright side

I can feel the pain being released


until I see the light

of what could be.

like a ball of clay

my heart is being shaped and dried out

the same as an addict

clean and recovered.

like a substance

the heart breaker makes you want them

it’s like every step he took

was to keep me addicted

the silent treatments

yet he stood up for himself

the bad in him

outweighed the good qualities I saw

but you can’t change the present

with the past.

and I don’t want to feel

or be treated

like a skeleton

instead of flesh.

by him, you, them, me, or anyone.

the empowerment makes you

not want to deal with it

from anyone

ever again.

not in a million years.

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