When Curiosity Doesn't Kill You……YOU LEARN. More Than Just a Breathe of Fresh Air

I’ve Learned; The Beast

Like a beast you were

who I had sympathy for

you were always lurking

in the dark recesses of my mind

only to be discovered in time.

You stayed silent

I stayed vigilant

and at the end

my empathy you could hear

accepting your apology

as you knew there was nowhere else to go.

So you stayed near

only to hear

what I was to teach you

and sometimes

just sometimes,

I think you have sympathy for me too.

No longer do you sneak around

in my head

No longer do you try to sway me

in your direction.

Now I have my own path

and instead of you adding forks in the road

you actually walk beside me.

You were brought to the light

and I think you liked it.

Despite all your darkness

and terrible ways of misleading me

I stayed who I was

and that was enough

for you to see.

Maybe humans aren’t all bad

and maybe what you did was sad

but there is hope for you

and I see that now.

You were forgiven

and let me go.

That is all I can ask for,

returned to the source,

because I get along with both of you

I realize you aren’t much different than me

Just trying to prove your worth

to the only one who knows

of such things.

The only one that can save your soul.

You came to me and I brought you there

Judgement day had come

And we intertwined in my mind

by some force of nature

to only discover

we are the same.

The darkness you possessed

once inside of me

used alchemy at its finest

to take you there

to be forgiven

just as I had to be forgiven.

Now we know

who is in control.

I could hear him forgive you

and you took me along.

So you used me as eyes and ears

to see the world around me.

I just keep hoping you liked what you saw

and realize we weren’t a mistake

but becoming human

can be hard to do

and I think you know that.

You and me are not in control

not at all.

All we can do is control ourselves

and even then there’s someone left

when it all goes dark

there was someone there

to lead me back to the light.

You let me start over,

even though I can’t see you,

I will always remember

the fight…

that took place inside me.


(Copyright KErrious 2015 with all rights reserved).

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