When Curiosity Doesn't Kill You……YOU LEARN. More Than Just a Breathe of Fresh Air

I’ve Learned; Prove Them Wrong Instead of Right

Never was one to put up a fight

never was one to prove I’m right

never was one to prove you wrong

I’d rather prove you right.

Then one day it became clear,

prove them wrong instead

what were you doing?

So sensitive to people’s cues

alarming presences known

but not this time.

That is all over

and for once I will

become the phoenix

rising out of the ashes

to prove to myself

you were wrong.

To show you maybe things aren’t what they seem

that maybe I was right

could you imagine that?

Or have you no decency

to admit when you are wrong.

I will never be what you said I was

It was just a projection of you

engulfing my persona

like a vulture who wouldn’t stop

eating its prey.

But I am not your prey

and it is not a weakness

to love so much

your soul becomes what people think.


Now the only thing

I do is fight,

fight for you

and fight for me.

Now I am rising up

no longer settling

for your words,

only mine.


(Copyright Kerrious 2015 with all rights reserved).



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