When Curiosity Doesn't Kill You……YOU LEARN. More Than Just a Breathe of Fresh Air

Think Happy Thoughts; The Beginning and the End

She stood at the end of the road with thoughts of you. She never quite got it right. It wasn’t until later when she would realize all of this was happening. No one quite got it and that is what she feared. Although some could, but would never admit it. They like their shells and wouldn’t come out any time soon. So she thought maybe she would walk farther, but wasn’t sure what you would think. She picked up a leaf that looked quite strange. It radiated green, orange, and red colors. Almost tied-dyed, if a leaf could ever be. That’s why she picked it up because she noticed things like that. She didn’t realize that wasn’t supposed to happen. She carried it with her and gazed down towards the trees. She thought the trees gave her oxygen and that they controlled us with that. The thought of something that wasn’t real but could be scared her. Why aren’t they superior? She thought, as she let out a little cough. She knew no one that could answer that question or even lead her in the right direction. So she kept walking and she could never quite get it right. You popped up again in her mind, only this time it had changed. Pleasant thoughts turned to unpleasant thoughts. Surreal memories turned to erased images. She tried to piece it together, the nights you were there. She didn’t know where they went, only that they had gone. She wished they were there, but knew she had used them up. Dissecting thoughts is the way it expands. She longed for expression, in the simplest forms; though she never quite got it right. She came to a dead end, but made it something more. Looking around, glad no one was around. It’s you and me she thought. She picked up a rock, shaped much like a heart. She wanted to show it, but had no one to show it to. This threw her off guard, why she didn’t know. So she was happy to have found it, but only wished she could have shared it. So she kept it and turned around, and continued in the opposite direction. As she walked back from where she came from, a relapse occurred. Thoughts of you settled in her mind. Who are you? She thought, as a drop of rain crashed on her forehead. She had no protection, but she didn’t care. We were meant to feel the rain, meant to breathe this air. As she looked up at the sky, she of coursed asked why. Now these days aren’t so bad, with all its abundance. She kept her pace, and continued to where she started. She dreamed of the day someone could answer these questions. To know she wouldn’t drown in her thoughts. Now the road got narrow and the trees taller. The sun got hotter, the rain fewer, and the night much quieter. She hopes the feeling would stay longer. It’s expected, but still she waited. The thoughts slowly faded and took you with them. She wandered towards the beginning and she took a look back. Something she told herself she would never do. She turned her head around, and stepped into a place she had to go. She left all the thoughts behind her as the truth revealed itself. For once she got it right.

(copyright Kerrious 2014 with all rights reserved). written in 2008.

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