When Curiosity Doesn't Kill You……YOU LEARN. More Than Just a Breathe of Fresh Air

Warrior Pose and What I’ve Learned

It has been my favorite since I first felt the sensation and how my body knew what to do and it reminded me time and time again that…..

I feel like a warrior, naturally, I’m good at it – sure – but, it’s the way I feel during it and the way I keep finding the strength to hold strong and steady. How I know how far I can go and stare off into the distance. A stare so intense I could be anywhere. And how I resonate with the endurance, leaving all thoughts behind besides the passion to stand my ground. How my whole life has made me a strong warrior and woman. My spirit never broken, only a soul that trusts. Legs that follow that trust so gracefully, as if that is what they are supposed to do. How to really become a warrior or just walk with a warrior in life, you must question how they became that warrior. You must stand your ground also, while unraveling your path as well as theirs and who they are and who you are, and you teach them something; then they may respect you and give you a name. For their worlds are rich.


(Copyright Kerrious 2014 with all rights reserved).




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