When Curiosity Doesn't Kill You……YOU LEARN. More Than Just a Breathe of Fresh Air

I’ve Learned to Recognize Beauty and Love

The world is full of beauty and love. We just haven’t discovered the universal truth behind each of those words. Some standard definition in which we all can agree upon. Some way of knowing we are all on the same page as to what they mean. But they are no exact words to use because there really isn’t an exact definition because beauty and love aren’t things to be named. They are feelings to be felt. And you know it when you feel it. You may not know how to express them appropriately. And that to me is more important to focus on. Not so much what each word means but what each word feels like and how do we express them in a way that takes their true form? When you find it out there, it may trigger your curiosity. It may seem like something that happens everyday. Or you may not even recognize it when you do experience them. We possess beauty and love but you can’t bypass finding it in yourself and go on to try and find it in someone else or even teach about beauty and love without this crucial step. So much confusion is brought about when we get stuck at the half way point thinking we found the truth, instead of continuing searching. It brings all sorts of unnecessary separation in humanity and the negativity it brings along with it hovers until we no longer care to solve problems but rather argue instead of being open minded, because the half way point is the point of pride and where we all think we are right, instead of learning something new and coming out of our denial. Coming out of our view that only reflect our dilemma on the inside. Without recognizing what beauty and love truly are and then finding it in yourself, you can’t possibly understand it. If you don’t understand it then you miss out on a lot of opportunities for you to grow. Because you have to understand something in order not to fear it, and then be able not to construe what the words really and truly mean and what that means to us, as a whole. But that is what we do. We try to bypass the inner world which then only gets reflected negatively in the outer world. It creates exactly what you think you’re fighting against.  It creates separation. Not only from us and them but also from you and you. You are in conflict even with yourself. It distracts you from focusing on the things in yourself that you aren’t seeing and instead you project it onto the ills of society, for example. Because it exists in you too. Problems arise when those who seek to find answers think they have found the answers through something that actually clouds their vision as to why they began searching in the first place. It’s a safety blanket, a defense mechanism built from the foundation that you’re a victim and it’s a blame game. Because it’s easier to project it onto other people then face it, internally. So, what irritates you about society? Is this too something that you do or have done? Is it something you haven’t healed thus the need to have control over the issue? Most likely. We are all learning here. When you feel convinced that you know the truth without finding the truth in yourself first, you are not part of the solution but you are part of the problem. Let beauty and love show you their real meanings, by listening to your truth, however much it hurts. It hurts because you don’t understand it yet, but it is beautiful and lovely because you are displaying grand gestures of both words when you take the initiative to really want to find it, because you know it exists. The glimpse that led you on this path was just that, a glimpse of what could be, if only you radiated beauty and love from within instead of only noticing bits and pieces of beauty and love, occasionally. You will see it in everything and everyone.  Even on your worse days, because I know I have bad days, you’ll find ways to laugh, for example. You’ll notice things aren’t so bad much more quickly, things that remind you are beauty and love instead, which leads to gratitude for the experience and your bad day doesn’t seem so bad anymore. You’ll go with the bad days instead of trying to fight them. Beauty and love will recognize their presence in your life once you have found it in yourself. Because it is there. It’s just your responsibility to see it for yourself once you have found it and work on cultivating it. Then you can do whatever it is you want with it, but I’ve noticed it is constantly changing and showing up in different ways. It’s really only something to embrace rather than utilize. It’s something we all need to embrace within ourselves then express. Because the expression is where you want to be. We want to express beauty and love in its truest form and that is the goal, and everyone has their own way to do so. It’s not something to use for personal gain, power, or manipulation.  Rarely should it be more than a feeling to be expressed rather than something you act upon. You can’t act like beauty and you can’t act like love. You feel them and you express them. You don’t knock down mountains and take them home with you and you can’t roll up a rainbow and throw it in the car, and you can’t keep something or someone from leaving, no matter how much you love them. You have to embrace the beauty and love in the moment and then maybe later express it through art or music or dance. You can take a piece with you but you can’t act like it is yours alone. You can’t always keep what you love or what is beautiful. But you can remember them. It’s almost like a recognition of things once forgotten. Beauty and Love are not tangible things in which we can materialize ourselves. It is not the super models in magazines, or the beauty queen, fairy tales, or the Twilight movies. It is our natural state. It all reveals itself naturally. All you can do is recognize it. It is what we have been looking for just in the wrong places. Then you find it in the most unlikely of places; in ourselves. That’s why it’s important to find it in yourself because out here you will not find the real beauty or love. Out here you find the reflections of the people frustrated because they can’t find beauty and love anywhere else, so they buy the product they saw on t.v., or buy the plastic surgery, or pay for the prostitute, or support separation through political parties and extremism. Beauty and love are things you coexist with and become a part of. An active participant who allows their nature to come forth in a way that promotes healing rather than inflict harm.

Copyright Kerrious 2014 with all right reserved.

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