When Curiosity Doesn't Kill You……YOU LEARN. More Than Just a Breathe of Fresh Air

You’ll laugh it off

You’ll tell your part

You’ll say things about me

And when asked shrug it off.

Although the things you say

Have no reality or truth,

Just what you need to tell yourself.

You know you’re convincing

You know they’ll fall in,

Fall in to every word,

As if it’s the fact of the day.

Though you can’t sway all

And you saw that in me,

It’s so seemingly lucid now

How it worried you.

Although you left,
You took much that wasn’t yours.
A smile that never faded.
A heart that stayed true.
Although you didn’t notice,
You weren’t attuned to the fact,
You’d rather change others,
Than give anything back.
Smothering me with transparent bodies,
Included ways of staying intact.
Although you stayed the same,
You’ll always have that.
Rather receive than give,
Is how you dealt the game.
Life’s torturing ways of being inferior.
A lot of things you couldn’t control.
Although, you compensated for what you lacked,
How does it feel inside,
To know you can never get it back?


Copyright Kerrious 2014 with all rights reserved.

(written in 2008)

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