When Curiosity Doesn't Kill You……YOU LEARN. More Than Just a Breathe of Fresh Air

Only men have Adam’s apples 🍎

And the sun

Is a black hole that

Burns forever

I’m a vessel

Of God’s word

I flew into. My body

From the 13th dimension

To heal myself

Heal the world.

Not be his vessel

I’d like to think

An angel

Fell for me

But he just used me

She’s a boy

That’s why you’re gay.

After war

There’s PTSD

And it’s being squeezed out of me

Making me sick


And shit

Out things

Inspired by you.

Thanks. For getting me through

Here’s to the past

It meets the present

So take the best parts of me

And create the future.

Jesus saved my life

Christ in my heart

I’ll squeeze him out

I won’t leave you out

God’s will

Lucifer’s spill

Into my head

But there was no fighting

Only apologies

As family does .

I don’t get it

I died

And released my spirit

So why is there still evil

Unless we were to kill it


Vomit and more vomit

Directing it onto someone

Is witchcraft

Deal with it

Spit it out

Not on me

This is where intersecting lines


So am i really different

Than you

Or did you just catch up

I am the promised one

They tie me down

As my darkness is released

And handed to God

He is the light

And i am the dark

And together

We really do

Beat evil

In the end

I’m in the garden

Of america

Trying to pretend

To be selfish

But tie me down

Just don’t kick me

I’m Satan

And I’ll follow you all i want to

To destroy hell

And bring heaven

To earth

Let me sweat

Turn red

Trust me

But you don’t.

Christ is here

I can feel

Luciferian drool

You want choices

But try to make mine for me

You want life

But you try to take mine

You want faith

But hold none for me

You want a danger

A stranger….

As i feel

My clay heart


The blood reminds me

To let go

After forgiveness

It’s time to let go

I know this

But i don’t want to show


Who wouldn’t save me

I want to feed it to the sun

And burn it

But through my healing

They will know


I choose

They never know me

But I’m just like God

A parallel universe

Inside me

Don’t you see

I’ll never be good enough for them

Some man in the sky

An invisible friend

Is better

And we are the same

Everyone is like me

They just haven’t found it yet

I’m not slowing down

They’ll just have to hold on


And let go

As well.

I choose life

Not a game

I choose truth

Not fame

So I’ll live poor

In poverty

Even though

The owe me.

The truth is

One’s in heaven

And one in hell

And you all are the in between


The choice is yours

Heaven or hell

Be like her

Or be like me

Go to prison

Or be free

Wash off the lies

And trade them in

For the truth

You’ve seen the proof

Or follow her

To hell

There i will hear you scream

And i wish

My heart was black

So i couldn’t pull you out

The darkness is easy to beat

It’s their minds filled with delusion

That is driving me crazy

He’s cute

The way he holds hope

God blessed him with hope

And me with clarity

Hope is annoying

When my mind tells

Me there’s a hell

So on i go

Lay here

And die

Let the darkness consume me

Until i fly.

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